Thursday, August 14, 2008

Night has fallen

For those who don't know any background on Cornwall, it is said to be one of the most haunted parts of New England.

The woods of Cornwall hold a long since abandoned community known as "Dudley Town". The citizens of Cornwall will tell you it was a lack of work and useless soil that caused the dismemberment of Dudley Town. However, the legend goes is that a curse was beset over the town; leading to high counts of suicide, the townspeople going completely insane, and a complete termination of a village. Some say there was a high level of mercury that caused the hysteria. Nowadays, the village lays in shambles, houses merely foundations.

There has never been a plausible explanation for what happened in that town.

The woods around me I'm sure hold a lot of secrets. I can feel it in the breeze when I go outside. It's like the forest itself holds a sort of aura.

I'm looking forward to what it may bring hahaha.

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