Friday, August 15, 2008

An excerpt from TDH

Jack lay motionless at the sight of horror before him. Shortly off in the distance was the cabin.
"This can't be," Jack thought. "I walked in a straight path away from here. How could I end up back at the exact same spot."
Despite the impossibility of him circling around and ending up where he started, he made his way back to the cabin. Everything in the atmosphere brought him back to his childhood and how he loved the fall season. The smell of the dead leaves and how the cold breeze carried it. The way the sun would shine but still fail to bring life to the Earth. The excitement of Halloween; the one night where you can be whatever you want, cute or serious or scary. Villian or hero. You can be the nerd or the jock. You can cover yourself in blood and on that day, no one would think a thing of it. He thought of the precious time he spent creating his costume, as well as the feeling of accomplishment when it was finished. The pillow case filled with candy. That feeling of invincibility.
He felt as though he had taken it all for granted.

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